Acting for beginners Acting for beginners
Acting for beginners

Introduction to Character & Scene Building

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02.11.2020 - 14.12.2020 Abendkurs
WIFI Innsbruck Campus
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Di, Do, 18.15-20.30
Kursdauer: 21 Lehreinheiten

Egger-Lienz-Straße 116
6020 Innsbruck

Kursnummer: 33203010

Di, Do, 18.15-20.30
Kursdauer: 21 Lehreinheiten

Egger-Lienz-Straße 116
6020 Innsbruck

Kursnummer: 33203020

Acting for beginners

In this introduction to scene study, we learn the basics of acting by dipping our toes into
several methods. After understanding these methods, we will start in on developing scenes
from famous stage plays. Each person will receive a role (of their choosing) and a partner.
Together each pair will utilize the techniques learned to understand and rehearse their scene.
There will be a small performance at the end where family and friends can view the polished
scenes. The course will be held in English.

The course is a base course, a foundational course, for anyone interested in pursuing acting
either onstage or on camera. In the course they will learn the basics of what they MUST know
to create a character and scene. It is an essential starting block. If the participant has no desire
to be an actor… the course can also serve as a interesting psychological observation. In order
to create a character, you must first know how humans create themselves and why they do the
things they do. A large part of understanding acting is understanding human psychology. And
lastly, the value of developing one’s own creative capacity is priceless.

Speak and understand B2 level English. 
wear clothes they are comfortable moving in
at least 18 years old

Anyone over the age of 18. 

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