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Microsoft 365 eLearning | english
Learn Microsoft 365 independent of time and place. With our eLearning course offering of Microsoft programs, you benefit from eLearning lessons combined with practical examples, eBooks and learning videos. You can start your training at any time. You will then be able to practice for an entire year from the comfort of your home, in your office, during your commute or wherever you want.
Skills Scheck WIFI Online-Kurs WIFI Trainer-Akademie: Ermäßigungen möglich
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ORT Online
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ZEIT 36,00 Lehreinheiten
Freie Zeiteinteilung
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LERNMETHODE Lernplattform
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Online-Teilnahme mit Computer, Tablet oder Smartphone

Preis für WIFI TrainerInnen auf Anfrage
Kursnummer: 42443014

Preis für WIFI TrainerInnen auf Anfrage
228,00 EUR Kursnummer: 42443014

Microsoft 365 eLearning | english


Discover the programm Microsoft 365 from basic to advanced functions

You discovering the Microsoft 365 enviroment and the Online applications. You learn how to managing your files in OneDrive for Business and how to create ans share your notes. ELearning offers various forms of learning, so different types of learners can absorb the content in the most suitable way and consolidate it with practical examples.

You also have the option of booking a one-to-one training session with one of our English-speaking trainers from the field. Please contact us directly by email if required: michaela.heidegger@wktirol.at

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39 lessons

You will get to know Microsoft 365 in small steps. A total of 39lessons are available. Each lesson consists of a lesson video that describes the feature in detail and a hands-on activity that you complete directly in Microsoft 365.
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Online book

You will also have access to an online reference book with detailed descriptions and additional information.

2 use cases

The eLearning also includes 2 learning videos in which use cases are described (Microsoft 2019).

Scope: around 1.5 hours.
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No prior knowledge of Microsoft 365 is necessary.


Any user who would like to discover or expand their knowledge concerning the Microsoft 365 features.


You will receive your confirmation of participation when you have completed 75% of the learning content on the WIFI learning platform.


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Nähere Infos finden Sie beim Termin der Veranstaltung oder unter der WIFI TRAINERAKADEMIE.

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