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Have you always wanted to deepen your IT knowledge but you have never had the time to attend a Microsoft course? No problem, with our eLearning programs you can consolidate and deepen your knowledge in the field of application programs immediately and without stress. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access and even Microsoft Office 365 including MS Teams, as well as Windows 10 can now be learnt easily whilst working or at home. The knowledge acquired can be consolidated via smartphone or tablet with the help of online videos or eBooks.

Perfect your Microsoft Office skills | Now available 365 days

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With the help of placement tests in the areas of Excel, Word and PowerPoint, Microsoft eLearning offers you the perfect opportunity to check your current level of knowledge. Lessons can be consolidated in a targeted manner, from basic and deeper knowledge to advanced knowledge. The big advantage is that you have one year to complete the course. This means that you can access the content 365 days a year and use the eBook as a reference work or repeat an exercise.

After completing each individual course, you will receive a certificate in the form of a confirmation of participation. WIFI also offers the possibility to get certified directly on site in our test centre. After completing the Microsoft content, you can take the ECDL exam or the “computer driving licence”.
If you book the entire eLearning course "Microsoft Course eLearning Complete Training", you will learn all modules (including Windows 10) at a lower price.

You also have the option of booking a one-to-one training session with one of our English-speaking trainers from the field. Please contact us directly by email if required: michaela.heidegger@wktirol.at

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